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So many women have spent so much of their adult lives going from extreme to extreme, effectively putting their lives on hold chasing fat loss. I help change this for good! No more sacrificing family time or weekend socials. I help women become the confident, happy healthy women they deserve to be!

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I know you can get out of that pattern and be the healthiest and happiest you can be.. Without the extremes. I now work with lots of different women to help them build heathier habits and become fitter, happier and healthier, in a sustainable way.

I appreciate my ladies all have different lifestyles- some work desk jobs, some have kids, some have lots of other responsibilities. I will always work with you as an individual so we can put something together that will work for you… And have some fun along the way!

What my Clients Have to say…

Looks like my hard work is paying off! I’m back down to the weight I was when I got married 17 years ago!


I’m so glad I found Hazell! She really cares about helping people and has really helped with my mindset. I love my 121s with her and love what I have achieved so far. I have lost weight, but more than that, I feel so much happier in myself. I am now more confident and always look forward to our sessions